Participated in SCAsia 2019 @ Suntec, Singapore

March 22 2019

In March, our ICT team from BEAQON participated in NSCC’s ((National SuperComputing Center) annual SCAsia 2019 Conference held at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Center. For 3 days, the BEAQON team met up with a wide range of HPC users from various fields and industries, exchanging brilliant ideas and discussing areas of HPC collaborations and projects.

SCAsia (Super Computing Asia) is Asia Pacific’s premiere Super Computing conference bringing together HPC (High Performance Computing) industry experts, academia researchers, hardware/software vendors and HPC systems integration providers like BEAQON to showcase, share, update and collaborate on the latest HPC technologies and projects.

Our ICT team worked with IBM, Huawei, Mellanox and ASUS Systems to bring in and showcase various HPC hardware/software solutions at the exhibition.


What is High Performance Computing (HPC)?

HPC is all about processing massive amounts of data using high performance parallel-processing computational techniques, installed on low-latency networks, to solve some of the world’s toughest technical challenges like DNA genomics research, climate prediction systems, pharmaceutical drugs research, protein folding simulations, oil and gas exploration, defense and aerospace research, financial forecasting systems, AI applications for future autonomous vehicles, and many more.

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