High Integrity Networking with our Cables

Technology advances drive the needs of having highly dependable, reliable and ubiquitous networks that are working all day round and responsive to dynamic scenarios.

We carry wide range products covering all aspects of optimum network operations, ensuring the capability are of the latest technology to support your computing infrastructure.

With the strong support from our principal partners, Beaqon can respond swiftly to your demands for the enterprise cabling and accessories.

Our Wired Connectivity Products Include:

We provide the state-of-the-art fiber cablings to address the need for increasing bandwidth and lower attenuation over longer distance.

We provide standards compliant and premier grade copper components for conveying electrical signals to the various network devices.

Routing wires through a discreet wall cord concealer that will improve more than just the aesthetics. We recommend the best raceway for your specific applications.

We carry variety of instruments that enables automatic, accurate, and real-time monitor and view of a network.  

Our wide range of test equipment is designed to accelerate the certifying process.

The high performance, wide
range of labelling products we carry are designed for critical systems labelling needs.

Beaqon provides you the essential tools and accessories ensuring neat, quality & safe installations and excellent cable management.

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