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Physical security addresses the actions we can take to protect buildings and facilities against unauthorized intruders. Moreover, homeland security is by enhancing the physical security of borders and checkpoint. We provide the essential tools and equipment to strengthen the security infrastructure of each country. It allows handling of large traffic volume efficiently and freeing up valuable time and resources to allow the security personnel to focus on activities that require human intervention.

Our Security Products Include:

Border Defence Products

Rapid globalization drives the need for stronger controls towards border security to counter terrorism and illegal immigration. Border protection is more than just catching criminals, contraband and unauthorized entry but also enabling the movement of lawful travelers and goods in and out of the country.

Using state-of-the-art image processing and machine-learning algorithms, our UVSS system automatically detects anomalies in the undercarriage of any vehicle and alerts the operator when modifications or potential threats are detected.

Our system provides a cost-effective, flexible solution for large areas which require crash-rated or anti-ram protection and engineering. This unique threat-based, engineered/certified systems feature a heavy steel rail manufactured to resist a wide range of vehicular crash threats.

Our crash-certified road blocker not only acts as a visual deterrent but also able to immediately stop a vehicle traveling at speed of up to 80km/h with zero penetration. It is IP68 rated and can operate even when fully submerged under water.

Our bollards carry an ASTM M30 to M50 crash rating, giving your facility the security it needs, as well as offering decorative options to enhance your perimeter aesthetics. Our shallow-mounted bollards were specifically developed to overcome the installation challenges commonly found in urban environments where underground infrastructure and utilities prevent deeper excavation.

Our Crash rated M30/P1 drop arm barrier combines speed and control to deliver an exceptional access control. This system is perfect for emergency entrance ways where ambulances and fire trucks need quick access into a facility. The crash rated beam can be operated in five to ten seconds under normal operating conditions, and under three seconds for fast emergency situation.

Detection Systems

Detection Systems from all round the globe use multi devices to counter warfare conditions, terror attacks and nation security. We have various equipment uses specialized and efficient technology such as X-ray detectors, robotic systems, specialized sensors, bomb suits and advanced software to detect various kinds of explosives and threats.

An economically efficient solution for checkpoints, civil institutions and critical facilities to efficiently detect any unwanted or dangerous items. An x-ray scanner identifies harmful organic, inorganic and metal materials. We carry various equipment to meet the size and needs of our client’s facility.

    • Baggage X-Ray

X-ray scanners provide screening solutions for all types of baggage and cargo. Solutions are versatile to adapt to different inspection scenario at various customs and checkpoints.

    • Cargo X-Ray

A drive-through inspection system designed to scan large trucks, buses, and cargo containers; primarily used at custom checkpoints to identify threats and contraband.

    • Body Scanner

A full body security screening system which detects any objects considered as dangerous or restricted. It can safely identify threats, contraband and banned items hidden inside and on the body. This will maximize security efficiency and reduces the need for physical searches.

    • Mail & Small Parcel Scanner

An x-ray cabinet machine used for general purpose mailroom security operations to detect hazardous, harmful biological/chemical agents and explosive devices among the parcels and letters.

    • Explosives / Narcotics Trace Detection

Both explosives and narcotics trace detection are use in customs facilities. The goal is to intercept, and to prevent access, meeting the requirements to enhance homeland security.

These are blast management technologies that can withstand various explosive threats. It is designed to remove threats safely or store large suspect pieces and to withstand the blast and fragmentation effects of accidental explosions.

Security metal detecting is for the detection of metal and alloy articles concealed in the human body using the most advanced digital detecting technology. It includes walk through, or portable hand-held type, that is in full compliance with the latest security standards and high immunity to external metal masses are among the main peculiarities.

We carry a wide range of products to cater to every different needs and requirements. We offer customized state-of-art security solutions to protect investments, properties and lives from threats.

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