Data Centre Solutions

Data Centre Solutions

Data Centre Infrastructure – The Building Block of Your Data

Keeping pace with the increasing complexity of networks and data centres is an ongoing challenge. A modern data centre infrastructure must bring the right balance of computing to thrive and survive.

Be it refreshing the existing infrastructure or a complete data center transformation, we are flexible in our approach to design and project delivery, and tailor the approach to achieve the best result for clients. Beaqon is experienced to make our client’s data center transformation journey successful.

We are here to build you the next generation data centre!

Competitive Advantage of Our Data Centre

We design solutions that integrate all mechanical and electrical (M&E) infrastructures to best meet your data centre density, redundancy and efficiency requirements. We have diverse resiliency options compatible with your data centre stability and overall costs.

Breaking down the process:

    • Site Survey

Together with our clients, we will assess the site and collect necessary information to understand the functional requirements of the business. It is to determine the power and cooling requirements of the new data centre, forming the foundation of the design.

    • Proposal of Equipment & Design Layout

With the information collected, our team will customise the best system application and propose the suitable equipment, capacity and design layout for considerations.

    • Project Implementation

Our project managers will work meticulously in commissioning and carrying out implementation and migration processes while upholding the quality of artistry. The commissioning and handover of the data centre to the client are a major focus for Beaqon. With seamless coordination and compliance to regulations, it will be an operationally-ready data centre for our clients.

    • Commissioning

Commissioning is important to ensure the data center can support its workload as anticipated. It is to ensure that equipment is properly installed and that systems are fully integrated. We assure that our client’s data centre operates as intended in all of its functional modes in support of its business processes.

With thorough periodic reviews on the critical equipment in the data centre, the risk of business downtime is minimise

Our team of professional consultants are well equipped with the expertise to conduct site feasibility studies as well as to make sound recommendations to enhance your systems and facilities.

With a wealth of experience in the implementation and fitting-out solutions, our team the in-depth technical know-how to recommend the necessary critical equipment for different business landscapes, and can provide best-practice solutions that meet your company’s data centre needs.

Working with our regular manufacturers, we supply the most advanced data centre critical equipment while maintaining the industry standards. With our proven track records, your business uptime is safe-guard.

    • Asset Disposal

After the upgrade to the new data center, we will need to ensure that the end-of-life equipment is being properly managed. We provide a fully-compliant and secure end-of-life asset disposal and logistics support. We will degauss and perform complete destruction before disposal of the end-of-life equipment.

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Types of Data Center Products

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