Critical Equipment of Data Center

Critical Equipment of Data Center

Electrical Switchgears

Electrical switchgears serve the purpose of regulating and controlling electrical power supply to systems. It is vital equipment that protects IT equipment from overcurrent, short circuits or any other faults in the systems. Once an abnormality is detected, it then isolates the faulty circuit without interrupting other circuits.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

In the event of any power interruptions, UPS systems (and its back-up batteries) installed in the data centre provide power supply to critical equipment, preventing equipment downtime and maintaining business continuity.

Precision Cooling System

Precision Cooling System

Data centres’ equipment generates heat which produces dry and heated environment. This condition will call for a cooling system to regulate the data centre holding area. Precision cooling systems are usedin sensitive equipment room environments like data centres. By combining air processing functions, close-tolerance parameters are easily maintained, that minimizes costly downtime.

Mechanical Ventilation System

Mechanical Ventilation System

Mechanical ventilation systems are used to regulate temperature and humidity conditions of servers and IT equipment rooms round the clock. Such usage is to prevent degradation of performance and shorten the equipment lifespan.

Fire Protection System –
Clean Gas Suppression System

Clean gas stored in the tanks is release upon detection of a fire. The system extinguishes fires by removing heat and uses inert gases to deprive the fire of oxygen.

Fire Protection System –
Very Early Smoke Detection System (VESDA)

Fire Protection System – Very Early Smoke Detection System (VESDA)

The system provides the earliest possible warning of impending fire hazards. It triggers alert response to respective personnel due to changes to the smoke concentration level. It provides immediate investigation into the cause and reduces response time to minimize the impact of a fire related breach.

Fire Protection System – Pre-action Sprinkler System

Fire Protection System – Pre-action Sprinkler System

While conventional sprinkler systems are more readily activated when heat from a fire is detected, it is also more susceptible to accidental discharge. On the other hand, the pre-action sprinkler is less susceptible to accidental activation as it requires at least two alarm conditions to be activated. The term “pre-action” is thus define by this confirmation mechanism.

Water Detection System​

Water damages can cause major problems to data centres if not treated in time. The water detection system helps to spot any potential water leakages; thus preventing electrical short circuits, equipment damage, and serious business downtime.

Environmental Monitoring System​

The system provides around-the-clock monitoring capabilities to provide continuous oversight on environmental factors – such as heat, humidity, airflow, smoke and electricity – that could potentially cause devastating effects to the data centre if something goes wrong. If any anomalies are detected, the system will send off an alert to the user.

Energy Monitoring System

This system is designed to help monitor systems in the data centre for any power interruptions, capacity strains or preventive alarms. This system helps to maximise system reliability and optimises operational efficiency for the data centre.

IT Network Cabling and Containment System​

The backbone of any reliable network is in its cabling system. Therefore is critical to have a well-structured and contained cabling system that is easy to manage and can be scaled to adapt to different business needs.

Security and Surveillance System​


Security and surveillance are necessary to prevent any unauthorised access to your data centre that could compromise your business operations. From various controlled access options to surveillance cameras, we ensure that your facility is secure always.

Raised Flooring System

A raised floor provides data centres with an elevated structural floor to provide the space for efficient management and routing of mechanical and electrical services, wiring, cables and cooling purposes.

IT Rack System


The rack system plays a key role in maintaining system uptime and reliability. Having a well-designed rack system will allow businesses to have the flexibility to readily accommodate areas such as cable density and thermal management, to prevent overheating and improve performance.

Implementation Solutions
    • Comprehensive Project Management

To make certain your complex and valuable projects run successfully; you need effective, professional project management in place. When we are appointed for your project, careful and meticulous planning will be initiated, with effective coordination and careful supervision during each phase.

Our project management ensures the quality implementation based on international standards, deadlines and work safety.

    • Rack & Stack

When we commission and decommission servers, we install and build them in an effective way; making full use of the power available to a server. It will include balance the environment cooling and weight distribution in the data-centers where the servers are located.

We don’t recommend empty rack unit between racks to ensure the cold air don’t have any way to get into the hot aisle except through the server itself.

    • OEM Recertification

We ensure that various OEM equipment usability, longevity and safety are intact. This will allow all restoration standards are adhered to as well as being able to ensure the technical equipment function without any catastrophic loss or failure.

    • Structured Cabling & Certification

We provide comprehensive structured network cabling for data centers. Cabling projects are managed by our team of skilled and certified engineers who have been expertly trained in the latest networking solutions. We also perform testing and troubleshooting of cabling systems which certifies the new structured cabling system meets or exceeds the industry standards.

    • Cold Aisle Containment

Inefficient data center airflow incurs high cost on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Separation of cold supply air from hot exhaust air in the data center can improve capacity and energy efficiency by reducing by-pass airflow. We will recommend solutions to optimize the data center air circulation in our client’s premises.

Ongoing Management
    • Installation Services

Our skilled team installs both copper and fiber cabling and data center infrastructure solutions, pre-terminated or field terminated to client specifications. Our experienced service technicians test all cables and equipment prior to installation at site.

    • Technical Support

Our services extend beyond deployment. Our engineers work collaboratively with you to create an ongoing infrastructure solution and allowing our clients to have access to our support on any technical errors and issues.

    • Periodically Servicing

Preventive maintenance activities should be in place to prevent faults from occurring. It can safeguard the up-time of data centers and equipment rooms. There are several tactical methods that can be deployed, such as thermal scanning, recalibration, component replacement, software monitoring etc. These activities are to improve the availability performance of the data center.

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