Types of Data Center Products

A holistic approach to maximize the operational capacity limits of your expensive assets. We provide you the resources and products that allow you to build the complex data center to meet your business needs and ensuring optimal operations.

Quareo Connection Point Identification Technology

Quareo Technology is a game-changing solution for the physical layer or layer 1 of the OSI model

  • Enables unique identifiers for every connection point in the network, where a connection point can be defined as one end of an Ethernet cable or a port on a network device
  • Microchips embedded in connectors contains information related to the cable itself as well as unique identifiers for each cable Copper/Fiber solutions

Quareo Connection Point Identification Technology

Optical Raceway

Organizes and maintains fibers for better management and long-term reliability

Optical Raceway

Fiber Entrance Cabinet

  • Provides splicing, administration and storage for outside plant (OSP) and intra-facility cables (IFC)
  • Superior cable management and protection
  • Ideal as a demarcation point for service providers

Splice Frame

  • Saves floor space and costs by increasing the optical distribution frame density
  • Protects cables and connectors
  • Reduces reconfiguration time

High-Density Fiber Panel

  • Port counts are easily match to major active equipment manufacturers switches or chassis blades
  • LC-to-LC, MPO-to-LC and MPO-to-MPO Blades

Storage Area Management

  • Designed for vertical blade SAN Directors (switches)
  • Manages up to 1152 fibers (576 ports) in 2 rack units

Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Solutions

  • Fiber Trunk Cabling with guaranteed upgrades for 3 generations of active equipment: 10/40/100GbE
  • Exceeds Insertion and Return Loss performance of standard MPO solutions
  • Reduced diameter, round cables for easier cable management and routing

Pre-Terminated Copper Cabling Solutions

  • Category 6A solutions
  • 100% factory tested

Category 6A Copper Cabling Solutions

  • Category 6A U/UTP, unshielded solutions
  • Category 6A F/UTP and S/FTP, shielded solutions
  • Guaranteed 10Gbps performance to 100 meters

Direct Attach Cable (DAC)

  • Passive and active copper assemblies
  • Active optical cable assemblies (AOC)
  • SFP+, QSFP+ and QSFP+ to SFP+


  • 600mm and 800mm wide equipment cabinets
  • High airflow perforation
  • Modular design for easy adjustment and access

Optical Distribution Frames

  • Effectively manages 1536 LC Duplex (3072 Fibers) connections
  • Easily configured for 1/10/40/100GbE connections

Smart Rack Monitoring Controller

  • Manage the physical environment by interfacing with appropriate environmental sensors
  • Minimize the hours needed to track IT assets

Intelligent Inline Power Meter

  • Real-time remote circuit-level/line-level power monitoring of current (amps), voltage, power (kVA, kW), power factor and energy consumption (kWh)

Energy Management Software

  • Configurable dashboard provides vendor agnostic centralized view of power and environmental health, energy capacity and consumption, weather services and maps
  • Smart rack concept provides one-click access to rack power, cooling, airflow, events and much more

Airflow Management Product

  • Rack blanking panels, designed to stop hot air re-circulation
  • Underfloor air flow control panels for efficient cooling in Data Centres
  • “In Rack” full height air flow control panels are use to maintain air flow efficiency

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