Neutral Hosting

Meeting customers’ connectivity needs!

Technology is changing every aspect of how people communicate and give rise to new business models. At Beaqon, we believe we can be the transformative impact of the future. The need for high-quality infrastructure services in commercial buildings and integrated developments is paramount. Partnering with property owners and MNOs, we provide robust, high-availability advanced digital infrastructure solution, meeting wireless coverage and capacity solutions, data and videos transmission; a building block for smart living and user experience.

Our Business Model

Apart from consolidating existing neutral host businesses through asset acquisition, our innovation will shape the future of business. We invest and build the next generation state-of-the-art digital neutral host systems, increasing the value of providing excellent wireless service. It ultimately will benefit all consumers of the network telecommunications.

Smart Connectivity

Smart appliances that provide the consumption patterns and adjust themselves in real time.

Reap the benefits of smart building technologies and enjoying the comfort and convenience of controlling sensory devices remotely, saving time, effort, money and utilities.

Edge Computing

Edge computing provides the optimum level of efficiency and effectiveness for IoT solutions where Cloud computing adoption and transmission bandwidth is still not apparent for many countries.

The ability to process at the head end and compress data transmission bandwidth is a key for rapid deployment through wireless means in a more cost-effective way and spur up more network deployment.

Energy Efficiency

IoT solutions enable monitoring of HVAC systems that control the ambient environment conditions.

With automation of building systems controls, it helps to maintain consistent temperature and lighting levels, cutting down on wasted energy.

Immediate benefits include reduces maintenance costs, savings on utilities.

Additional Services on Existing Infrastructure

Location Based Services

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Vehicle Look-up

A technology to improve car park management and provide a stress-free parking experience for visitors.

By using ANPR to identify license plate numbers, the vehicle presence and the entry and exit timings of all parked vehicles can be identified.

This helps to boost security and enable forgetful car owners to identify the exact parked location of their vehicle.

Efficient cataloguing of the traffic movements also trigger response for redirecting vehicles when necessary.

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Store Navigation

A multi-functional interactive map with search option, personal guide and other individual features that serve as a navigation route.

The smart guide will compose the best route to take from the current position in the mall.

By combining icons or markers for promotions, events, coupons on the interactive maps influence buyer’s behaviour.

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Dynamic content to visitors - Pushing out personalized content (suitable products, advertisements, coupons, etc.) that the customer is interested in, to encourage visitation at stores.

A way of creating revenue streams.

This forward-looking approach is always about improving the customers' experience and the attractiveness of the facility/territory.

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