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Empowering Business – Key Projects Portfolio

We understand that each project is unique with its own challenges and constraints, but we have the extensive knowledge and experience to address to our client’s network, telecommunications or security needs.

We believe in working closely with our clients to identify and develop solutions for their projects. Our repeat clientele base attests to the capability and quality in our service delivery, from project planning, execution, management to handover and maintenance.

Here are some project highlights that we completed.

Cargo X-Ray Portal

Every country’s custom checkpoints handle thousands of cargo vehicles traffic daily; however sometimes their precious cargo can be a threat in disguise!
An immigration and custom agency in Asia has appointed Beaqon to establish an X-ray scanning system to monitor their imports and exports at their custom checkpoints.

CCTV Security Enhancement in Regional Airport

Every country should apply the strictest security measures to ensure the safety and security of citizens and guests of their country.

Beaqon was awarded with a project of SGD2.9Million tender value for CCTV coverage enhancement for one of the regional busiest airport.

A Small Part of a Big Network Coverage Expansion Project

As the demand for ICT services rises, higher and higher energy consumption expect for mobile radio networks. The telecommunication companies have to search for new techniques to improve the energy efficiency throughout the mobile network - particularly in a base station.
Beaqon is appointed to provide and install direct current (DC) rectifier systems and power backup to their numerous mobile base station throughout the country.

Physical Foundation of a Data Center Refresh

Data centers are not built to last forever. Data centers will need to refresh when servers go from productive to nonproductive approximately every four years.

A regional cinema operator has been in the industry for decades. The management is seeking to engage in a data center refresh project. This project is to address new business needs of data storage and to comply with the new cyber-security mechanism.

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