Cargo X-Ray Portal

Cargo X-Ray Portal is Essential at every Custom Checkpoints.

Every country’s custom checkpoints handle thousands of cargo vehicles traffic daily; however sometimes their precious cargo can be a threat in disguise! An intense security is an absolute requirement to combat terrorism and trade fraud.

An immigration and custom agency in Asia has appointed Beaqon to establish an X-ray scanning system to monitor their imports and exports at their custom checkpoints.

Project Scope

The cargo checkpoints see many different types of heavy industrial vehicles such as 40-footer container trailers, fuel bowser tanks, and cement trucks etcetera coming in and going out of the country. We ensure the scanning portal is able to address to the complexity of different vehicles.

Installation of multiple X-Ray scanning systems enables custom officers to detect smuggling contraband, explosives, illegal immigrants and other threads that concealed in the vehicles at the checkpoints. The system has robust software and hardware that are integrated to monitor and ensure only authorized cargo to enter the country.

The Results

Beaqon has commissioned the portal for use since and is in operation from September 2017. The scanning portal can inspect 120 vehicles per hour; reduces the need for in-depth manual inspections by the customs officials. It minimizes disruption while speed up clearance time needed at the checkpoints. Our scanning portal at the checkpoint enhances security and operational efficiency.

Our scanning portal ensures safe-drive through, assuring both the operators and driver’s safety exposure to the radiation dose.

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