CCTV Security Enhancement in Regional Airport

CCTV Security Enhancement in Regional Airport

Every country should apply the strictest security measures to ensure the safety and security of citizens and guests of their country.


Beaqon was awarded with a project of SGD2.9million tender value for CCTV coverage enhancement for one of the regional busiest airport. The enhancement of CCTV coverage includes departure and arrival kerbside of passengers’ terminals and baggage sorting area. This project objective is to eliminate all the blind spots at the airport and increase surveillance capability.

Our team inspects the airport together with the airport security team and identify the blind spots that contributing to the security weakness. We proposed the use of the latest security technology to enable ease of security monitoring and to make people feel secure.

Project Scope

Beaqon secured the bid because we are able to identify and address the risks associated with complex CCTV installation comprising multiple facilities and thousands of people to monitor and protect.

The comprehensive surveillance solution also is equipped with advanced video analytics software and hardware to monitor and detect suspicious behavior and unattended vehicles and baggage. It is a future proof system that allows HD ultra-clear videos retrieval as evidence when needed.

Our system has the analytical capabilities to allow real-time monitoring and analysis of the CCTV data which increases the situational awareness. The systems have security parameters to trigger an alarm when security is breached, allowing immediate and swift response to threats. It is possible to identify the perpetrators, shorten the time taken to apprehend them and prevent them from launching more attacks.

The Results

With hundreds of cameras running the whole span of the airport, the main objective of increased surveillance coverage is met. Although human monitoring errors prone to happen, our sensors have detailed analysis to reduce the occurrence of human errors; it also reduces the manpower required and opex cost of an airport.

The airport surveillance is reinforced substantially through such significant enhancement.

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