Security Solutions

Security Intelligence and Analytics

Advances in technology today allow surveillance applications to be accurately implemented at any critical facilities. Various video cameras and sensors tied to automated detector algorithms, which are used to improve the environment awareness and aid security personnel to identify possible threats better and response accordingly.

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Bespoke Solution Development

Every environment is unique, with security vulnerabilities that is different from another. We identify and provide a comprehensive security solution to our customer’s needs. Beaqon is out to manage and deliver high accuracy security projects to safeguard the assets and investments, while our clients concentrate on their business operations and pursue new opportunities.

Complete Security Control

Providing an integrated security management system to allow independent security systems and equipment to interact and communicate with each other. This enhances efficiency in security detection, auditing and reporting.

Maintenance Support

Upon successful implementation, we will continue to support your investments through our preventive maintenance programs. Each project includes a 1-year defect liability period upon completion. We will provide training to end-users and on-site support for the end-users to familiarize our system. We provide flexible round-the-clock ad-hoc maintenance services and maintenance contracts to ensure comprehensive security checks.

Types of Security Solutions

Sophisticated security solutions designed to enhance access control and perimeter security, suitable for all organization of different scale. We have individual application modules or integrated systems that incorporate new technologies to provide a total security solution for our clients. It has various types of card technologies and readers for different applications.

    • Security Turnstiles

Engineered to meet the most demanding security and control requirements, you have options of full height, waist height or optical turnstiles to choose from, to suit any applications at your facilities.

    • Mantrap Capsules

A wide range of mantrap security portals that strictly control pedestrian access into highly sensitive areas. These are built for reliability and safety and are compatible with any access control system.

    • Electronic Key Management System

An intelligent key management system that facilitates access rights and accountability. It has the software and programmable control panels that manages, tracking and auditing keys movements and users. The system utilizes various means of identification ranging from PIN numbers, proximity cards, smart cards or biometric readers such as fingerprint and iris identifications.

    • SSID Smart Card Solution

An advance dual interface (contact or contactless) used primarily for identification purposes and door access control. The smart card or smart card-like devices are communicating and comply with the data structures, security and application protocol data units. This is commonly used by government agencies and high profile and critical facilities.

CCTV systems comprise of both hardware and software components. We carry wide range of cameras, both analog and digital, providing different image quality surveillance. The different cameras types suit different weather and environment. With wide viewing angles cameras means fewer cameras and more coverage.

We are at best in recommending our clients the perfect hardware suitable to their needs and budget!

    • Surveillance System

The advanced video analytics and facial recognition technology enables our clients to get real-time preventative protection. It has high-definition video to analyze in full HD resolution, without any encoding or loss of quality. It uses high-definition video analytics, pattern-based analytics algorithms, and teach-by-example capabilities for such preventative protection.

Images can be stored at camera level, at network or an off-site server. We provide storage and backup off CCTV content for up to 12 months.

    • Fencing Intrusion Detection System (FIDS)

It has sensors to detect vibration or changes to the IR patterns at the fences that secure the perimeter. Such violations trigger alerts which allow immediate response to investigate the cause.

      • Isolation of the compromised section of the fence
      • Accurate detection regardless of background environmental noise
    • Photo Beam

The protection is designed to provide a reliable perimeter security both indoors and outdoors. The photoelectric beam technology ensures unrivaled tolerance against direct and reflected sunlight, vehicle headlights and other light sources; it has synchronized quad beams to minimize any false alarms.

    • Guard Tour Patrol System

The protection is designed to provide a reliable perimeter security to both indoors and outdoors. The system manages the security personnel and provides a means to check, record and verify at various checkpoints when the staff does his / her patrols around the facility. It ensures the officers will accomplish their task within the predefined time intervals.

A wireless communication that uses radio waves to identify, locate, and authenticate people or assets. We have both the active RFID systems and passive RFID systems for varying industrial applications and environmental conditions.

With all the security products and software systems at peak operation, the network infrastructure and hardware needed to be robust and dynamic. We provide the hardware and software components to enable continuous connectivity and security monitoring. We will establish the secure boundaries and supports the security networking protocols and services.

An emergency notification system that broadcasting real-time information to people in a building or site and communicating what to do in response to the threat - is paramount to life safety. A comprehensive solution includes audio management system, UL certified ceiling speakers, extension amplifier, horn array speaker etc. Each model has varying specifications to suit different applications and environment.

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